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History of Miyakejima Island

Miyakejima Island - An Island with a Long History

Miyakejima Island is an island with a rich history, and with many myths and legends associated with it. The history of Miyakejima Island is quite long. According to the Miyake-ki, a collection of legends of Miyakejima Island, the first village on the island was established during or before the middle ages. Beginning in the Edo era, the island was used as a penal colony. Among the exiles were several famous people, such as Icho Hanabusa, a painter, Kojiro Koganei, a gambler, Shikibu Takenouchi, a classical scholar, Masakane Inoue, a man of religion, Shingoro Ikushima, a kabuki actor, and many others. Visit the Miyakejima Museum to learn more about the island’s history.
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A panoramic view of Miyakejima Island


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