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History of Hachijojima Island

Yuhama and Kurawa Ruins from the Jomon Period, and History of the Island of Exile

Based on the excavations of the Yuhama and Kurawa ruins, it has been confirmed that people have lived on Hachijojima Island since the Jomon period (14,000-300 BCE). Historically, Hachijojima Island was an island of exile. According to legend, Minamoto-no-Tametomo, who was exiled to Izu Oshima during the Heian period (794-1185 CE), eventually landed on Hachijo-kojima (a small island off the coast of Hachijojima Island), where he then committed suicide. The first person officially exiled to Hachijojima Island was Hideie Ukita, who belonged to the Western Army and fought alongside Mitsunari Ishida in the battle of Sekigahara in 1600. In 1869, after the Meiji Restoration, Ukita’s descendants were finally pardoned. A few years after the pardon, some of his descendants returned to the island, where the Hideie family grave is maintained to this day. Visit the Hachijojima Island History and Folklore Museum to learn more about the history of Hachijojima Island.

History of the Island


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