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History of Kozushima Island

Famed for Obsidian, the Legendary Isle Where the Gods Gather

A long time ago, when the Izu Islands were first created, it is said that the gods of the islands gathered at Hairanaigasawa, the peak of Mt. Tenjo on Kozushima Island, to discuss the allocation of water, the source of life. This story was later handed down as the "Legend of water sharing,” and Kozushima Island became famous as the island of legend. In the olden days, “Kozushima” was written using different Japanese characters that meant “the island where the gods gather.” Hairanaigasawa remains a sacred place that people are not permitted to enter. Kozushima Island also is famous for the production of obsidian. Stone implements made of obsidian that was mined in Kozushima Island have been discovered in ruins in various parts of the Kanto area.

Kozushima Island


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