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The Limestone Caves and Waterfalls Trail (Shonyudo to Taki no Michi)

map of The Limestone Caves and Waterfalls Trail (Shonyudo to Taki no Michi)

Take the JR Itsukaichi Line to Musashi-Itsukaichi Station, and catch a bus to the Hossawa No Taki Iriguchi bus stop. Follow the highway for about 10 minutes, and then turn right after the Senzoku bus stop. Walk along the paved road for a while until you come to a forest road, and then follow this road for 300 meters. This will lead you to a mountain trail. Soon after you get onto the mountain trail, it will fork into two paths. Turn to the right to take the course that crosses through a marsh, then zig-zags through a second-growth forest, and leads to Tengu Falls. Turn to the left to take the course that goes along the marsh and leads to Tengu Falls. The two diverging paths meet up at Tengu Falls. From here, its a short climb to Aya Falls. The path from the Aya Falls starts off on a steep ridge. By the time you have worked up a sweat, you will come to the Mazukari Ridge over which the Tsuzuraiwa Rock towers. The course turns to the left, and takes you toward Fujimidai, although the Tsuzuraiwa Rock mountain ridge obstructs the view. Fujimidai is a sun-bathed plateau with a great view. From there, you can see Mt. Odake and Mt. Mitake. What's more, because there are rest huts and signs, it is the perfect place for a break. From here, you will come to a ridge trail flanked with bamboo grass. This will take you to a forked path that slopes downhill to the Otaki Falls. Take the course to the right and walk down the steep slope. The seasonal green and autumn colors of the trees along the Odake Marsh course are new-growth trees. When you reach the roaring Otaki Falls, the forest road that leads to Yozawa is not far away. The Odake Limestone Caves, located along this forest road, are designated as a Tokyo natural monument. Proceed downhill on the forest road that runs along the marsh to reach Kamiyozawa.


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