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The Mountain Grass Trail (Yamakusa no michi)

map of The Mountain Grass Trail (Yamakusa no michi)

Take the JR Ome Line to Kawai Station, and catch a bus to the Kami Nikko bus stop. From the bus stop, walk a little ways toward the Otaba River to come to the Seito Bridge. The Hyakkenjaya campgrounds are located immediately on the other side of the bridge. In the summer, this area is crowded with campers and swimmers enjoying the river. Pass the Hyakkenjaya campground to come to the Okujaya campgrounds. The mountain trail starts here. Cross the Otaba River and go passed a wasabi field to start climbing the face of the mountain, whose trail is flanked with a second-growth forest of Japanese cedars and hinoki cypress trees. The trail is very steep. There are about 500 log stairs build onto the path. Once you have climbed up the face of the mountain, you will arrive at the summit of Bonomine (also known as Mt. Bonoore). The summit of the mountain is an open space with a great view and is a popular location for hikers to have lunch. After finishing a quick lunch, you will leave Bonomine behind you, and walk along a mountain ridge toward the Konjiri Pass Mt. Kuro, Mt. Iwatakeishi, and Mt. Sogaku. The trail from Bonomine to Mt. Iwatake is flanked by a mixed forest and known for its spring flowers and autumn leaves. The downhill trail from Mt. Sogaku is rather steep. Flanked by Japanese cedar trees, the path leads to Otake Station.


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