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The History Trail (Rekishi no michi)

map of The History Trail (Rekishi no michi)

Take the JR Itsukaichi Line to Musashi-Itsukaichi Station, and catch a bus to the Kamikawanori bus stop. From the Kamigawanori settlement, located in the Minami Akigawa Gorge, you will climb through an area afforested with Japanese cedar and hinoki cypress trees. When you find yourself surrounded by a sunbathed, mixed forest, you will be close to Mt. Sengenrei. After you come to the Mt. Sengenrei clearing, which has a washroom and rest facilities, you will see a slightly raised viewing platform on your right. A view of Mt. Fuji and the Sasa Ridge can be seen from the lookout. On a nice day, you can rest here for a while. When you come to the Sengen Ridge, the path slopes downhill. This ridge road, called the Koshu Dochu, is an ancient road considered to be a part of the treasured medieval Koushu Highway. It has today come to be used as part of people's everyday lives. Follow the narrow path downhill. You will come out in front of Setozawa no Ikken'ya (the House at Setozawa), a large, ancient inn. After you pass the inn, the road will immediately come to a forest road. If you follow the forest road, which overlaps with a forest hiking course, you will arrive at Tossaka Pass. From the pass, walk on the road, which is used as both a mountain trail and a village road. You will soon come to a large parking lot. You will find the Hossawa Falls nearby. When you see the falls, walk toward them to get to the Hossawa No Taki Iriguchi bus stop.


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