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The Bird Trail (Tori no michi)

Take the train to Takao Yamaguchi Station. From the trail head of the Tokai Nature Trail, cross over Mt. Takao to arrive at Mt. Shiroyama. From there, follow the trail, which traces the border of Tokyo Prefecture through a mixed forest, to Kobotoke Pass. From Kobotoke Pass, you will leave the forest to arrive at a narrow ridge that affords a wonderful view of Mt. Kagenobu. From the summit of Mt. Kagenobu, the trail that passes Mt. Dodokoro to arrive at Myo'o Pass is a downhill hike. The trail from Myo'o Pass is an uphill climb. Ascend the sunbathed ridge trail up to the summit of Mt. Jinba as you listen to the sounds of birdsong. There are many sakura cherry and kashiwa oak trees on and around the summit of Mt. Jinba. What's more, the view of Mt. Fuji, the Tanzawa Mountains, and the Okutama Mountains is spectacular. Descend the stairs of the steep path to come to Wada Pass. From Wada Pass, descend the forest road and you will arrive at Jinba Kogen Shita, which has a bus depot. Moreover, the surrounding area from Mt. Kagenobu to Mt. Jinba is known to be the home of many species of birds.

Map of The Bird Trail (Tori no michi)


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