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The Lake Trail (Mizuumi no michi)

From the Umenokihira trail head, which faces Koshu-kaido (National Route 20), climb up the forest road along the marsh. Soon, all signs of population disappear, until finally you come to Mitaku Pass, which marks the point where Tokyo and Kanagawa prefecture meet. Proceed toward along the smooth undulations of the border pass that marks the line between the two prefectures, while Lake Tsukuiappears and disappears from your field of vision. Go past Mt. Obora on Otarumi Pass to cross Koshu-kaido. After climbing for a while you will arrive at Mt. Shiroyama. At the summit of Mt. Shiroyama, you will be able to see Lake Sagami, The Tanzawa Mountains, Mt. Fuji, and more. Mt. Shiroyama marks the intersection of the Lake trail and the Tokai Nature Trail. Proceed up the stairs. After climbing a little ways, you will reach the expansive lookout on the summit of Mt. Takao. After you pass the precincts of the Yakuo-in Temple, home to many cultural treasures, you will enter a path flanked with large Japanese cedars. What's more, if you walk all the way down the paved road that leads up to the temple, you will pass Kiyotaki Station, where the cable car stops, and then come to Takao Yamaguchi Station.

Map of The Lake Trail (Mizuumi no michi)


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