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Accessing Niijima Island and Shikinejima Island

You can get to Niijima Island and Shikinejima Island by ferry, high-speed jet ferry, or plane.
Ferry or high-speed jet ferry:
Several times a day, ferries operated by Tokai Kisen depart from Takeshiba Pier (an 8-minute walk from JR Hamamatsu-cho Station) in Tokyo for the islands. Stopping by Oshima Island and Toshima Island, it takes approximately 10 hours 30 minutes to reach Niijima Island, and approximately 11 hours to reach Shikinejima Island. You can also reach the islands in approximately 3 hours by high-speed jet ferry.
New Central Airservice offers three commuter flights a day from Chofu Airport (15 minutes from Chofu Station by bus). The flight duration is approximately 40 minutes.
(C)Niijima Tourist Office

Island-produced koga stones, Niijima Island


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