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Features of Okutama

The Okutama area is located within the southwest part of Chichibu-Tama-Kai National Park, and is surrounded by bountiful nature. It is home to a mountain range, the main peak of which is Mt. Kumotori, with a height of 2,017 meters (6,617 feet), as well as deep forests in which large mammals such as Asiatic black bears and sika deer (which are designated a special natural treasure) live. Approximately 1,600 varieties of plants also live in the Okutama area. You can enjoy the beauty of the four seasons at Lake Okutama, or in the areas many valleys through which rivers such the Tamagawa and Nippara Rivers flow. Many people visit the Okutama area throughout the year to enjoy outdoor activities such as mountain climbing, hiking, camping, and fishing in the vibrant town surrounded by rich forests and plentiful water.
(C)Tourism and Industry Division, Town of Okutama

Okutama Mukashi Michi, a hiking trail in the Okutama area


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