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Alternative Ideas to Plastic Straws

A page number:371-174-817

Last updated date:2019/4/24

Tokyo Metropolitan Government had collected alternative ideas to plastic straws from September 3rd to October 31st in 2018, receiving 921 proposals.

A presentation conference of ideas awarded for excellence was held in February 2 nd, 2019 and simultaneously the best idea was selected by voting of participants. The result is as follows:

Excellence Award
 Title of the IdeaDescription of the Idea


Application of a Rolled Shape-Memory Processed Silicon SheetA straw made out of a Rolled Shape-Memory Processed Silicon Sheet, which can be Unrolled and Washed after Use
2”TOKYO MADE STRAW,” the Organic Straw Project Made in TokyoBarleys and ryes are grown without any use of pesticides to make a straw of their stem.
3Canvas CapA water-resistant paper cap. It is possible to change designs and to print advertisements.
4Chocolate & Cookie StrawChocolate & cookie straw. Since its end is made of cookie, chocolate does not easily melt while holding it. Trash is not generated because the straw is edible.
5”Flavor Straw” made of Dried Wheat Gluten SnackA kind of “flavor straw,” made by coating black sugar syrup, which can add various tastes to the beverage
6“Hashi-raw”A straw-like chopstick, with a hole to sip beverage through. Usable as chopsticks if you have two.
7Konjac StrawA straw made of konjac. It is prepared by pouring the material liquid into a silicon mold of straw and subsequently frozen in a freezer.
Material: Water 150ml, konjac powder, agar, sugar, and citric acid
8Selective Eco-raw“Selective Eco-raw,” to be chosen according to the beverage.
・ Sweet beverage: Roppo (made from flour, cookie taste)
・ Non-sweet beverage: Kome-st (made from rice, rice-cracker taste)
・ Alcohol drinks: St-corn (made from corn, tacos taste)
・Non-tasted drinks: Kami-st (made of paper)
9Candy StrawMaking straws of candy by the technique of traditional Japanese candy-art amezaiku. Versatile tastes created by mixing drink and candy can be enjoyed. It also has some entertainment property, such as in festivals, etc. [awarded the First Prize]
10Lid with SpoutLid with a spout is made with materials such as silicone, etc. For a user coming with a kid, it is also possible to add two spouts, shaped like a pair of ears of a bear.

Besides Award of Excellence, Special Prize was awarded to Hamura City Musashino Primary School and Shinagawa Ward Hino Primary School No. 3.

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