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Sustainable Use of Resources

A page number:108-045-240

Our affluent and convenient society has been depending on mass production and mass consumption. On the other hand, we have also triggered environmental problems on a global scale, by squandering our natural resources and depleting of our precious natural environment.
In recent years, awareness of waste issues has increased among residents and companies in Tokyo, and progress has been made in terms of recycling initiatives.
In order to pursue initiatives with a view to take the lead towards the sound material-cycle society, in March 2016 TMG formulated the Sustainable Materials and Waste Management Plan (from FY 2016 to FY 2020), which advocates the transition to a sustainable use of resources and handing over a better city environment to future generations as key objectives of resource recycling and waste disposal in Tokyo looking towards 2030. Furthermore, the Tokyo Metropolitan Environmental Master Plan was newly formulated at the same time with the aim of realizing an advanced environmental city with the lowest environmental load in the world. We aim to build a sustainable society by steadily implementing the programs set forth in these plans with municipalities, companies, NGOs and other organizations.



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