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Countermeasures against Illegal Dumping

A page number:377-684-384

Last updated date:2020/5/14

Illegal Dumping of Industrial Waste: Third Party Assessment System for Waste Management Companies

Industrial waste is widely transported across prefectural boundaries. In order to prevent illegal dumping of industrial waste, 35 local governments consisting of TMG, 12 prefectures and 23 cities in eastern Japan have formed a council known as the Regional Liaison Council for Prevention of Improper Disposal of Industrial Waste and are exchanging information and mutually cooperating. Further, because much of the illegally dumped industrial waste consists of construction waste, TMG is sending its staff to building demolition sites to confirm the details of the waste sorting, transportation, and the destinations for treatment, and are giving necessary guidance. To promote the appropriate management of industrial waste, a mechanism is required that enables waste generating enterprises to select reliable waste management companies. TMG therefore introduced a system in which a third-party organization certifies reliable waste management companies.
Certification system of Top-runner industrial waste disposal company



Third party organization designated by TMG certify “Expert” and “Professional” companies which conduct proper disposal, recycling and reduction of environmental impact from their activities.



1. Disseminate information about reliable disposal company to waste generator
2. Cultivate good company, promote proper disposal
3. Develop waste disposal & recycling industry


-Evaluation item
1. Compliance
2. Stability
3. Advanced activities


The certificate and a special sticker are given to certified companies:




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