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Creating a Hydrogen-Based Society

A page number:107-202-758

Last updated date:2018/2/9

Hydrogen is a clean energy that emits only water when used, helping reduce environmental load as well as contributing to a diversified energy mix, with a spillover effect on the economy and industries, and response to emergencies.

When the use of hydrogen derived from renewable energy, rather than depending on fossil fuels, is made practical in the future, hydrogen-based will be a definitive step towards a low-carbon society. To realize a hydrogen-based society, a JPY 40 billion fund has been set up to support efforts to be made through to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

Promoting the Use of Fuel-Cell Vehicles and Buses

The Tokyo Metropolitan Government (TMG) will create an initial demand for the vehicles and buses with financial support from the national government as well as TMG as their high prices are expected to be a challenge for the immediate future.
As for Tokyo metropolitan buses, two fuel-cell buses have been introduced on regular routes since March 2017.

Promoting the Installation of Hydrogen Stations

Through massive financing and effective use of its sites, TMG will encourage the spread of hydrogen stations. They will be primarily installed in downtown Tokyo, in areas with a concentration of Olympic and Paralympic arenas, and along transportation routes for athletes and officials.

Promoting the Use of CO 2 Free Hydrogen

To take full advantage of hydrogen energy in realizing a low-carbon society, we need to aggressively introduce hydrogen derived from renewable energy sources.
For the production and future use of CO2 free hydrogen, TMG will encourage facilities in Tokyo to install equipment for using hydrogen derived from renewable energy and consider hydrogen supply systems that use renewable energy-induced power from Tohoku and other regions.

Effective Use of Hydrogen Stimulated by the Tokyo 2020 Games

Olympic Village after the Tokyo 2020 Games
Olympic Village after the Tokyo 2020 Games (image)

TMG will install hydrogen stations in the Olympic Village for the Tokyo 2020 Games to supply hydrogen to fuel-cell vehicles and Bus Rapid Transit (BRT).
To realize the first full-scale hydrogen supply system in Japan and make it a model for achieving a hydrogen society, TMG will introduce new technologies, including hydrogen pipelines and nextgeneration hydrogen fuel cells.

Educational Institution

Tokyo Hydrogen Museum image
Tokyo Hydrogen Museum

At the end of July 2016, TMG opened an educational institution to promote the spread of information about hydrogen energy, which encourages citizens and facilities in Tokyo to learn more about the significance, technologies, safety, and future of a hydrogen-based society and helps small and medium operators of hydrogen stations 1n the acquirement of knowledge as well as promote facility tours at home and abroad.



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