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Climate Change & Energy

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Climate Change & Energy

As a massive energy consumer, TMG has taken pioneering measures for climate change mitigation and energy saving. Fine-tuned to the characteristics of megacities dense with various types of buildings, including offices, our efforts as represented by the Tokyo Cap-and-Trade Program have produced concrete results, thanks to support from many businesses, homes, and NGOs in Tokyo.

Even though Tokyo’s energy consumption has consistently been falling, energy-related CO2 emissions has not decreased clearly, based on the situation that CO2 emission factor from electricity supplied to Tokyo have increased following the shutdown of nuclear power plants after 3.11 big earthquakes.

Responding to this situation, TMG has set an energy consumption target in addition to the GHG emission target in order to clarify energy efficiency efforts by citizens and businesses in Tokyo. TMG has also aims to expand of renewable energy usage and set a renewable electricity usage target (approx. 50% by 2030). Another pioneering effort is to create a hydrogen–based society.



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